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In October of 2018, after returning home from the Getty Sing! Conference, I sent Lindsey an email.

“Do you want to write a book with me?”

I had this grand idea in my head to create an illustrated hymnal for families, and I knew I couldn’t do it alone.

So began our journey. We’ve been working hard since then to make the project a reality (some months harder than others, since we both gave birth in the intervening years, and then the pandemic hit like a ton of bricks…) We submitted the idea to publishers, and had some good conversations with several of them. But it became very clear to us, by the Spirit’s guidance, that we would ultimately need to self-publish.

I dove into research on self-publishing with a zeal (as I always do with new projects!), and we had several conversations about what all that would entail. I asked Lindsey another question.

“Do you want to start a business with me?”

Suddenly the vision for our work together grew far beyond just one hymnal. It grew into a mission: to help families grow in the truth of God’s word and the wonder of his love by providing theologically-rich resources for inspiration, education, and transformation.

We want to fill the gap between learning about God and experiencing God. As we’ve looked for resources for our own families, we’ve found that most things tend to lean heavily one way or the other. We want to create resources that do both. Because learning rich theology and truth from God’s word should lead us to greater wonder and experiences of his presence and love!

And so we wanted our logo to reflect that. We wanted to represent both “word” and “wonder.” I tried for a couple months to get it just right, but it never quite worked. Finally we hired a professional, and she was able to pull it all together. Here’s the final version!

Word & Wonder. Rich Theology. Deep Love.

“Word” is represented by a book (the Bible) at the base of the tree, and by a strong, solid font.

“Wonder” is represented by a person with arms upraised, and a freer, scripty font.

Wonder grows from a foundation in the Word, and so we represent them as a tree, with the Word as the roots and foundation for growth into wonder and fruitfulness. It reminds me of Psalm 1. If we can, by God’s help, grow families that look like the man in Psalm 1, our mission will have been a success.

And so we begin! We hope you’ll join us on the journey.


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Britta K. Wallbaum
Britta K. Wallbaum

Britta is passionate about worship, stories, and art, and sharing them with her kids. She has degrees in Christian Formation/Ministry and Architecture, and loves to design and create pretty much anything!

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