Teach Us Your Ways | Hymn of the Week

This week’s hymn is a newer song by Porter’s Gate, on their Neighbor Songs album. It’s a great, simple, song that reminds us one of our highest callings as a Christian is to love one another.


Verse 1
Teach us Your ways, teach us Your ways
As we learn from one another
Learn to love each other
Teach us Your ways

Verse 2
Teach us to give, teach us to give
Give ourselves for one another
Learn to love each other
Teach us to give

Verse 3
Teach us to weep, teach us to weep
Let us weep with one another
Learn to love each other
Teach us to weep

Verse 4
Hallelujah, hallelujah
Let us learn from one another
Learn to love each other
Teach us Your ways

Scripture Reference: Colossians 3:12-17
Text and Music: Isaac Wardell, Leslie Jordan, Orlando Palmer, and Paul Zach (2019)
Copyright: ©2019 Common Hymnal Publishing (Admin. by IntegratedRights.com)

A quote from the song "Teach Us Your Ways" is over a photo of two people's hands sharing a bowl. The quote reads "Let us learn from one another, learn to love each other, teach us your ways."

This hymn is featured in our Hymn of the week playlist!


Porter’s Gate Video


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