Spiritual Practices for Children: Fasting

Video: What is Fasting?

During Lent, Christians have practiced fasting as a way to help them make room to enjoy being connected to God, to reflect on and repent of their sin, and to devote themselves to the work of making things new that God is doing in the world.

What would it look like for you to join in this practice during Lent? Have a conversation with your child, sharing with them what you will be giving up for Lent. Invite them into the practice as well. Ask them if there is anything they would like to leave out of their life to make more room for God.

Here are a few ideas:
• A special treat or kind of food like candy, desserts, or other special treats.
• Screen time or TV time.
• Older children might be able to identify something that makes them feel disconnected or distant from God or others and choose to lay this aside.

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