Word & Wonder exists to help families grow in the truth of God’s word and the wonder of his love by providing theologically-rich resources for inspiration, education, and transformation.

our vision

We founded Word & Wonder because we believe that wonder-fueled, theologically-rich faith formation matters to people of all ages. 

At its core, Word & Wonder is about providing resources to families and churches that bring together knowledge of God and awe of God for holistic faith formation.

We believe the church needs children, and children need the church for vibrant life-with-God-in-Jesus.  


It all started the fall of 2018 at a worship conference–Britta came home with the burning desire to share hymns (and their rich theology) with her kids, and she immediately roped Lindsey into helping her create The Gospel Story Hymnal.

Everything else we’ve done has been related to this core project and our desire to create Biblically-based and wonder-inspiring worship resources for families. We now have a full suite of church-year related worship guides and coloring books available under Resources.

We founded Word & Wonder Creative in 2021, when we realized our venture would go much farther than one book. We have dreams for dozens of books and resources, and maybe someday a family retreat and worship center… we’ll see where God takes us!

meet our team

Britta k. Wallbaum

Executive Director

Britta is passionate about worship, stories, and art, and sharing them with her four kids. She has degrees in Christian Formation/Ministry and Architecture, and loves to design and create pretty much anything! Her favorite place to be is in the woods: going on an adventure, building a fort, or simply enjoying the beauty of God’s creation.

Britta was born with Amniotic Band Syndrome (short fingers and toes) and a cleft palate and lip, but has always loved seeing how God uses our weaknesses to show his glory and strength, for it is in using her hands (drawing, designing, playing piano) and her voice (singing) that she has found the most joy in serving Him.

Photo of Britta's family. She and her husband are standing in the back, with Alijah (age 11), Linnea (age 7), William (age 5), and Anders (age 3) standing in front of them. They're all smiling (amazingly!), and Anders has his arms spread wide like an airplane.
Lindsey standing with her family in front of a large door. She has a husband and four young daughters.

Lindsey Goetz

Spiritual Director

Lindsey is a wife, mom, writer, and children’s minister. She is passionate about exposing children to good theology in fun, accessible, and creative ways. Her favorite part of her job is working to thoughtfully include and welcome children in worship & the life of the church. Lindsey lives in Aurora, IL with her husband and four girls.


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