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Free Advent Resources!

Love Came Down Advent Worship Guide

We have gathered all our free Advent resources into one place, including our latest “Love Came Down” Advent Worship Guide, Cards, and Coloring Book. We hope these will bless your families and ministries as you wait for the Savior:

Nonprofit Update

This month we officially reorganized from an LLC business structure to a nonprofit organization! The paperwork with the State is complete and approved, and now we’re working on our 501(c)3 application.

Why the change, you ask?

Well, we have been operating as a nonprofit since the beginning, focusing solely on the mission, and not on profits (ie. volunteering all of our hours, and pricing our resources as low as possible in order to get them to the greatest number of people.)

Reorganizing and getting 501(c)3 status will allow us to have some benefits, such as not paying sales tax on our supplies, and, more importantly, it will give our donors the benefit of tax exemption on their gifts to us. We believe that we will be able to send out tax exemption letters to everyone who pledged extra on the Hymnal’s Kickstarter campaign, once our federal nonprofit status is approved.

What does this mean right now?

So far, our day-to-day operations haven’t changed much. We’re focusing on getting The Gospel Story Hymnal orders fulfilled as soon as possible, supporting the three year worship plan via posts on our blog and social media, and continuing to create resources for family discipleship.

What has changed is that we now have a Board of Directors! Our initial board consists of four people who have championed The Gospel Story Hymnal in our local community, and care passionately about our mission:

Word & Wonder exists to help people of all ages grow in the truth of God’s word and the wonder of his love.

We’ll introduce them over the next few months. The Board’s job is to guide the organization and make sure it stays on mission. We’ll be spending the next several years considering and praying over what the future of Word & Wonder will be, and defining more clearly our purpose, vision, and values.

Hymnal Shipping Update

We are happy to announce that the final advance of The Gospel Story Hymnal has been approved, and the full order for 3,500 copies has shipped from overseas! It will take an estimated 6 weeks for them to get to me, so we’re planning the official release in January or February. We’ll let you all know how you can be involved in that once we’ve nailed down the exact date and details.

gospel story hymnal on a stump in a garden

Prayer Requests & Salutations

Please continue to pray for the final logistics of The Gospel Story Hymnal‘s shipping and order fulfillment. Please also pray for our new Board of Directors, and that our 501(c)3 application will be completed and approved quickly.

May the Lord bless and keep you this Advent season,
Britta & Lindsey


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Word & Wonder exists to help families grow in the truth of God's word and the wonder of his love.

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