Spiritual Practices for Children: Advent Wreath

Monthly Spiritual Practice: Advent Wreath

An Advent wreath can be a fun and meaningful way to make the celebration of Advent a bit more tangible.

Three candles are typically purple or blue to signify the serious and longing nature of the season, while one candle is typically pink, to signify joy. The center candle, a white candle, is called the Christ Candle and is lit on Christmas Day as a celebration of the light coming into the world in the person of Jesus Christ.

You can purchase different types of Advent wreaths online or at craft stores, or you can make your own.

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Making an Advent Wreath


•4 candles for the four Sundays of Advent, (Advent wreaths traditionally use taper candles in a ring- shaped holder, but you can use pillar candles on a plate or tray.)
•3 purple or blue and 1 pink OR
•4 candles of any color
•1 white pillar candle for the Christ Candle, which is lit on Christmas.
•Greenery or wreath
•Candle holder, plate, or tray: this can be a ring-shaped candle holder decorated with greenery, or any other candle holder you find that holds 4 candles. You can also arrange the candles on a plate or tray.


Arrange your candles and greenery in a holder, on a tray, or in your Advent wreath and set it in a prominent place in your home to keep the season of Advent near your thoughts.

As you walk through the season, light one candle for each week. The closer you get to Christmas, the brighter the light grows. On Christmas Eve or Christmas Day, all four candles, plus a Christ Candle, are lit to celebrate the light of Jesus coming into the world.

You may wish to use this with a daily or weekly devotional. We have several options below, as well as many more ideas on our Advent Roundup page.

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