Resources for Processing the News with Children

Maybe you, like me, feel weary of processing large and small-scale unprecedented times with your children. Know that the Lord sees you and he is with you and your children.  

I wanted to share just a few resources in order of accessibility/time investment: short, longer, longest:

1. A prayer for children and parents in Ukraine from Kayla Craig of Liturgies for Parents:

O God of peace, be with the people of Ukraine.
With the mothers who carry babies to subway shelters.
With the fathers who hold their heads in their hands.
With the children who absorb the traumas
Of violent acts of powerful men.

2. A brief article: Helping Children Process the News (this is a UK site, so keep that in mind for cultural context):

3. A book: Forming Resilient Children: The Role of Faith Formation for Healthy Development.

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Lindsey Goetz
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