Gospel Story Hymnal Update

photo of the gospel story hymnal. One copy is open on the ground, showing a page with an illustration and a hymn. Another copy lays closed next to it, so you can see the front cover.

The last time we wrote to all of you was in March, mid-way through the Kickstarter campaign. While we knew at that time the campaign had been successful and we would be able to print The Gospel Story Hymnal, we didn’t know how incredibly faithful God would be to meet not only our minimum need, but our highest hopes for the hymnal.

When the Kickstarter campaign ended, we had 687 backers, and had raised $55,419. This allowed us to print 3,500 copies of the hymnal and upgrade the cover to a durable and beautiful buckram cloth. And, amazingly, between Kickstarter and our website, we have pre-sold over half of the 3,500 copies already!

Photo of the gospel story hymnal's cover, spread wide so you can see the front and back. An image of a globe crosses the entire cover and spine.

I did receive one sample copy recently, and it’s beautiful! We can’t wait to get this book into the hands of families and churches like yours.We placed the order in May, and have been patiently waiting for the book to be printed and shipped from overseas. Unfortunately, due to some delays, it hasn’t come yet. But we expect it to arrive sometime in November, barring any further delays.

Have you ordered your copy?
Pre-orders are available now on our website!

Three Year Worship Plan

The Gospel Story Hymnal contains a three year worship plan, with a hymn and scriptures for each week. It walks through the gospel story once each year, and follows the church year calendar. Year 1 starts TODAY, and focuses on the Lamb of God, why we need a Savior, who this amazing Savior is, and how the gospel story is our story.

Printable 8.5x11 Church Year Calendar

The plan is available on our website or in the back of the book. We’ve also made some printable schedules that are available for free, as well as a printable church year calendar:

We’re also working on a hymn study that will correspond with the worship plan, focusing in on one hymn per month. The first month (Doxology) is available now!

If you haven’t already, make sure to follow us on Facebook or Instagram to get weekly posts related to the hymn, scriptures, and themes from the worship plan:

Nonprofit Update

Finally, a quick note about our business. We formed Word & Wonder two years ago with the goal of publishing The Gospel Story Hymnal. Now that we’re at the finish line of that project, we can see the glimmers of much bigger dreams in the distance. We believe God is going to grow this ministry and do something amazing with it, and so we’re taking steps to reorganize from an LLC to a nonprofit corporation. We’ll cover this more in depth in our next newsletter, but for now know that we have a board of directors and are taking the first steps in this direction!

Prayer Requests & Salutations

Please pray with us that the hymnal will be complete soon and ship quickly, that the logistics of our business reorganization will go smoothly, and that God will use our resources and the three year plan to bless many people and draw them into closer relationship with him.

We are grateful for your partnership and support,
Britta & Lindsey


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