Spiritual Practices for Children: Doxology Nature Walk

"Take a Walk" - Monthly Spiritual Practice - Doxology Walk

Spiritual Practices can look many different ways. This month, we’re gong to recognize God as Creator and Creative, look for his fingerprints in the things he has made, and respond in our own creative praise by taking a Doxology Nature Walk!


Plan to visit a favorite nature preserve or other outdoor spot. Bonus points if it has a creek or stream of flowing water. Before you go, decide if and how you will record your Doxology nature walk. Will you write poetry, take photos, or draw what you see?


Prepare any materials you will need for your nature walk:
-Good hiking/walking shoes
-Drawing: Art materials (colored pencils, paper, watercolor paints, etc.)
-Photography: Camera
-Poetry: Notebook and pencils

Doxology Walk – Things to Ponder:

Blessings that flow

God gives good gifts to his children. As you walk, what gift(s) do you see that God has given that are particularly meaningful to you? These could be the items themselves (e.g. wildflowers) or the things those items call to mind (e.g. the loon was my grandmother’s favorite bird. Every time I see loons, I remember her and the way she prayed for me.)


What creatures do you see singing praise to God “here below”? What does their praise sound like? Reflect on the fact that creatures praise God without words. We often associate praise with singing to God, but what other ways do humans praise God without words?


Spend some time looking up. Bring your blanket and lay down, enjoying the clouds, treetops, birds, etc. What do you notice? Photograph it, draw a picture, or write your own Doxology.


The Trinity is not like anything we see or experience in our world. God is three, but also one. As you finish your nature hike, direct prayers to the three persons of the trinity: the Father who created the earth, the Son who walked the earth, and the Spirit who sustains the earth. What do you notice as you are praying?

This practice is from our Doxology Hymn Study.

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